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Available Courses

  • Weekday Writers

  • This course will provide resources to create, understand, read and analyse poetry. As a poet myself I have realised that poetry can be quite difficult at which ever way you study it. I'm studying Creative Writing; Poetry is my forte though most of the other students struggle to come to terms with it... so that's why I want to expain, explore and share my knowledge with you all.

  • The art of persuasive speech and writing in English. The works of the great authors and orators will be studied and participants will produce papers and engage in debates, interviews and lectures.
  • Intro to robotics using Arduino boards and 3D printed robots

EverLearning Dormschool

EverLearning exists to create, inspire and locate existing tangible and virtual learning communities outside and independent of establishment academia but with a similar reverence for and claim to scholarship.

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